Are All-Girls Engineering Classes Different?

Teachers at all-girls schools might have insights on how to engage more young people – especially girls – into engineering. Several teachers at The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin shared their thoughts in this two-part episode. In Part 1 (01:15) we hear from Shamaa and Shireen, two high school engineering teachers, and then in Part 2 (28:50) we hear from Patience, Simon, and Kristina, three middle school engineering and STEM teachers. They discuss teaching in a small school, differences between all-girls classes and co-ed classes, the importance of school culture, Project Lead The Way curriculum, advice for parents, and more.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Ann Richards School:
  • PLTW – Project Lead the Way:
  • IED – Introduction to Engineering Design at PLTW:
  • Alternate teacher certification information in Texas:
  • UT – University of Texas:
  • AutoCAD Inventor:
  • ACC – Austin Community College:
  • Multisim – circuit simulation software from National Instruments:
  • TEKS – Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills educational standards:
  • STAAR testing in Texas:

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